Professional Precision Machining

Welcome to Mean Machine Inc. If you use or ever need precision machined parts then you need to be talking to us - why? Simply put, we are unique amongst precision machining companies. Our resources, capabilities and experience are unrivaled in the area. We service the needs of a wide range of industries.
If you need more information than you can find here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Partnership and Value - the Mean Machine Difference

Partnership: Steve Denlis, Mean Machine’s President, has this to say about Partnership, “We aren’t like other precision machining shops in that we work very closely with our customers to redice their risk and stress levels. Whether you are designing a new part and need limited quantities or are in need of a highly effective source for production of an existing part, getting custom parts made can be time consuming and costly. We believe clear communication and the ongoing development of a working relationship to be paramount for efficient and effective production.”

“Supply chain agreements allow us to provide the very best service. This generally entails using pre agreed raw materials suppliers with group purchase agreements, agreed sub process vendors (e.g. anodizers), clear terms and conditions and rapid delivery logistics”

“Being easy to do business with is key to customer satisfaction. We invite you to use us as your online machine shop. This will make your life easier and cut transaction costs.”
Value: Mean Machine Inc is focused on providing the best value to its customers. By providing rapid response to RFQs, short lead times and right first time Quality, we ensure the customers’ costs of doing business are minimized. By employing the latest in CNC machining equipment, expert programming and rigorous quality procedures we maximize efficiency and eliminate waste so we are able to offer competitive prices.
We believe that producing parts in efficient ways, right the first time, on time, to customer specifications produces that exceptional value.

Don’t wait till you’re backed up – get us involved now. We will respond quickly and reduce your stress levels – you know the parts will be there on time and will be right first time.

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